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Cleaning Draperies from Dog & Cat Urine Odor.
100% Guaranteed in Writing, Urine Odor Removal using the Organic, Odor-free Dead Sea Minerals.


PetPeePee is rated a 5 stars for Drapery Cleaning and Removing Urine Odor

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On Google and Angies List, PetPeePee is rated 5 stars from customers all throughout the United States. Check out our ratings, here!

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PetPeePee Guarantee

PetPeePee Guarantees, in Writing, to permanently remove dog and cat urine odor from draperies

100% Urine Odor Removal

Using our trade secret solution from the Dead Sea, PetPeePee provides 100% guarantee and will never use chemicals, fragrances or enzymes that mask urine odor.
I contacted Martin after I was unable to remove the dog urine odor from my custom made curtain. I tried several wet and dry products which took out stain but left the odor. Unfortunately with the odor still there the dog went back to the curtain! Martin got back to me right after I sent him a text and sent out a shipping label the same day. I was suprised that the turn around for the cleaning was only a week. There is no odor in the curtain and they feel soft again. Just be aware the curtain will likely have to be steamed or ironed due to wrinkling from cleaning and shipping. I would recommend this service to anyone who has had this problem. I am at work on another curtain my dog got but if I can’t get the smell out I will not hesitate to send this one too.
Claire Morello, 5 Star Google Review

About PetPeePee’s Drapery Urine Odor Removal

See how PetPeePee clean Custom Made Drapery; Before and After.

By using the Secret Cleaner from the “Dead Sea”, that is free from: Deodorizer, Soap, Detergent, Enzyme, Dry cleaner and other chemicals.

The Dead Sea minerals are: organic and odor free, this cleaner makes PetPeePee service as a green company, and give us results that Pet Owners looking for, Removing the Urine Odor Permanently without the cover up of artificial odor. The vacuum floor machine, that invented by Mr. Meir Martin, the owner of PetPeePee, change the way how Oriental rug, area rug, antique Oriental rug, and a Persian carpet should be clean.

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