Cleaning custom-made Drapery from: Dog or Cat urine odor by PetPeePee company

A secret cleaning process that was developed specifically to remove urine odor and stains from custom-made Drapery such as: Silk, Cotton or blend Fibers.

About the cleaner we use:
The Dead Sea Minerals plays a major big role in removing urine odor and brown stains from the finest fibers. This cleansing process does not include any, soap, detergents, enzymes, deodorizers, steam cleaning processes or dry cleaning processes.

The Dead Sea cleaner
Since 1991, PetPeePee has developed and used a cleaner made with Dead Sea Minerals. The minerals are odor-free, organic and edible. The cleaning solution is designed to remove/eliminate/kill urine crystals that is in the fiber, naturally. In the process of removing the urine odor, we clean the fiber from dust and soil, naturally. However, the main reason pet owners seek a service like PetPeePee, is the total removal of dog and cat urine odor.

PetPeePee guarantees to permanently remove dog and cat urine odor from draperies and custom made curtains

PetPeePee Statement
In most cases we will remove brown stains that may appear on your draperies, however we cannot guarantee it before the cleaning process started. Once we receive the draperies, we will make all the effort to remove it completely.

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