Frequently Asked Questions

Drapery stands like a pole and some dogs see it as an absorbing material.
Use something to block the dog from coming close to the drapery, such as two-sided tape on the floor, this will prevent the dog from coming close to the drapery.
Drapery cannot be clean with any cleansing product. In most cases drapery hanging for long time collect dust, when the dog urinated on it, and of the wet spot will tend brown because the bacteria that grow on the urine will eat the dust, then it’s in the drapery, this will lead to a brown stain, if customer not cleaning the drapery immediately, the stain will become permanent.
It’s hard to provide an answer since some fiber will be more immune to the urine and some less, nevertheless, by sending a picture to PetPeePee I will tell you if we can take out the stain completely.
Every drapery has a different price, example, cat urine odor on silk drapery will be different from a dog that recently pee Cotton drapery.
In most cases, drapery will be cleaned immediately, and will stay in our facility no more than 48 hours. If cleaning takes longer, we will advise you before hand.
No, we cannot guarantee to remove the stain. However, by texting us the picture we can let you know
We don’t carry insurance on drapery, for very simple reason: the drapery that comes to us has no value before the cleaning (custom-made drapery cost a lot of money), however, when the dog or cats urinates on one panel the value of this panel is zero dollars. After we clean the drapery, then the drapery have a value.
Removing the urine odor and stain from the drapery is a complex job. The Dead Sea minerals take a big role to remove the odor and the stains, however the drapery must be clean from the top all the way down, (cleaning part of the drapery will leave a brown Mark) for this reason we don’t sell a product for drapery, we have amazing product for, Oriental rug, hard floor and carpet.
With the technology of today, the phone is on me all the time. You are welcome to call on Sunday.
Urine is a liquid made up of different proteins that bacteria will grow on, immediately. When the urine dries, it turns into crystals. These crystals can remain in the same state for a long time. However, when they come in contact with moisture, they become urine again. By cleaning the urine with hot water (steam), the urine, along with its odor, becomes embedded in the fibers while the deodorizer acts as a food for the bacteria in the urine. This causes brown stains or other discolorations to appear on the rug and fibers. This is what makes the urine more difficult to extract.
Sorry! No, if your pet(s) is/are not trained to pee outside or in the litter box, he/she/they will probably pee inside the home again.
No. Pet stains that have previously been treated with other cleaning products in some cases cannot be removed. Because of the combination between the urine and the chemicals in the product, the fibers become bleached with the urine spot and cannot be removed. However, PetPeePee System can guarantee that any stains removed during the process will never resurface.